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Alternative Investment Management Association

AIMA, the Alternative Investment Management Association, is the hedge fund industry's global, not-for-profit trade association with over 1,280 corporate members worldwide.

Texas Hedge Fund Association

The primary objectives of the Texas Hedge Fund Association (THFA) are to (i) promote the understanding of the hedge fund industry and dialogue between the regional members of the investment community, through education and communication, and (ii) encourage the maintenance of industry standards and professionalism in order to further enhance the growth of the industry.

Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association

The objective of the Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association (MAHFA) is to promote industry development and understanding among managers, investors, service providers and academics in the mid-Atlantic U.S. region.

Hedge Fund Association

The Hedge Fund Associationâ„¢ (HFA) is a not-for-profit international group of industry professionals with a mission to provide a forum for thought leaders, innovators, practitioners and investors who are shaping the way business is conducted in the global hedge fund industry.

Hedge Me: The Insider's Guide--U.S. Hedge Fund Careers

The guide includes a comprehensive section on each of the following topics: - Hedge fund resources and access to hedge fund information. HEDGE ME also lists and categorizes established hedge funds by strategy, by performance, and by asset size. - Interview preparation featuring interviewer questions segmented by hedge fund strategy/style/functional role. - Resume information with resumes segmented by hedge fund strategy/style/functional role. - Recruiter list and information that identify best-of-breed hedge fund recruiters. - Overview of hedge fund career trajectories and how hedge fund careers differ from other finance careers. - Compensation data/information segmented by functional role and years of relevant experience.

Heard on The Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews

The 11th Edition of Heard on The Street"" contains 170 quantitative questions collected from actual investment banking

Professional Resume Writers

It makes good business sense to hire a resume writer to do what they do best. When it comes to a professional job search, don't make the rookie mistake of trying to write your resume and cover letter without professional help.

Job Search Digest has partnered with a professional resume writing firm to provide a no charge consultation with a career coach professional. They'll give you feedback on your resume and suggestions for improvement and not charge you a dime for their input.

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Hedge Fund Compensation Report

Simply the most comprehensive hedge fund compensation report available. The annual Hedge Fund Jobs Digest Compensation Reports are based on surveys designed to capture valuable compensation information directly from those involved in the hedge fund industry. Over the years, we have surveyed many hedge fund portfolio managers, analysts, traders, CFO's, COO's, risk managers and others from hedge fund firms, both large and small.

They summarize the results of the hedge fund surveys to include some of the hedge fund earnings data and other findings. In the reports you will find large ranges of earnings by title because in the hedge fund industry there is no standard compensation plan or role definition.

An overview of the top information sources in the Hedge Fund industry. Blogs, Twitter Feeds, News and Markets. Basically, it is the Hedge Fund industry at a glance.

Hedge Fund Implod-o-Meter

The HFI exists to serve as an historical record of how a little hubris plus other people's money all raised to the power of leverage can lead to financial disaster. Whether you are an outsider or a seasoned fund manager, we hope you can learn something from this historical record of market implosion.

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